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Terms & Conditions

The Goldstar Driver Assessment Programme

An effective method to decrease the accident rate of your fleet drivers.

It helps reduce costs associated with accidents, provides evidence with which to negotiate better insurance premiums and fulfils the requirement  for organisations to demonstrate due diligence with reference to driver risk assessment and training as required by the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide act 2007.

On average, most fleets have a crash frequency of 50%. As many as a third of all serious injuries and fatalities involve someone driving for work and the cost to UK businesses is over £3 billion per annum, plus hidden costs such as own/3rd party claim costs; vehicle contents costs; vehicle repair and replacement; supply chain cost implications; negative publicity; people & vehicle down time costs; people issues such as absenteeism, turnover, morale and administration time.

Why a Driver Assessment Programme?

Health and Safety regulations now cover fleet and transport management. Driver assessment is one element of the process of protecting vehicle operators from crashes and the likelihood of prosecution. A driver assessment program proves that you are serious about Health and Safety and shows due diligence in the implementation of safe systems at work.

Many insurance companies now require, as part of standard policy criteria, companies to either offer some sort of ongoing training or regular driver assessments. This action is a consequence of the number of estimated road traffic crashes that involve somebody who is at work at the time of the incident - 66% of company cars are subject to an insurance claim every year.

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