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Terms & Conditions

Goldstar Fleet Training is designed to identify the areas needed to improve and develop your employees into safer and better prepared drivers. Our training is flexible enough to cater for all levels of professionalism and experience from the professional sales executive to the newly qualified driver lacking in confidence.

One of our most common Fleet Training programs is split into three parts. The first part of this program is a presentation regarding risks on the road, road safety and vehicle maintenance. This presentation can be conducted with individuals, groups or even your entire driving staff and is supervised by one of our fully qualified Fleet Trainers who will be available to answer any questions raised.

The second part of this Fleet Training is a practical session on vehicle maintenance. Either individually or in a small group, drivers will be asked to carry out a vehicle check, ensuring that they understand the importance of vehicle maintenance, their employer's expectations regarding upkeep and their own legal responsibilities as drivers.

The final part of this Goldstar Fleet Training is a driver assessment. Each driver will be assessed to identify their risk areas while driving, followed by a de-brief and then by appropriate practical coaching which will prioritise the highlighted key risk areas. During this session the candidates will be given some up to date and often surprising information and statistics about the modern driving environment. This assessment can be conducted 1 trainer to 1 or 2 drivers and is carried out in vehicles that are usually driven by the candidates.

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999) state that an employer must conduct risk assessments to ensure the safety of their employees. Whether your business is a large corporate entity or a small enterprise, if your employees’ work is based around their driving, it is your responsibility to ensure they are not at risk upon entering a vehicle. The best way to certify their safety whilst driving is to confirm their ability to drive in a safe and proper manner.

Fleet Assessment

Four times as many people are killed while driving for work than in any other type of industrial accident. In fact, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) calculates that, after deep sea fishing and coal mining, driving 25,000 miles a year on business is the most life-threatening activity we undertake, more dangerous than working in construction.