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Fuel Efficiency Awareness

This is called fuel efficiency awareness and involves using your gears, acceleration and powers of anticipation to adopt a more fuel-efficient driving style. As well as reducing your fuel consumption, it's safer too!

With the increase in fuel prices showing no signs of slowing the cost of motoring can place a heavy burden on finances.

Fuel costs rose on average by £1 per gallon between Jan 08 and Jun 08.

Our Fuel Efficiency Awareness Course has been developed to help reduce these costs, improve your safety and reduce CO2 emissions. Fuel Efficiency Awareness is a proven and growing driving style, which is primarily concerned with developing a planned and measured drive maximising safety for all with consideration for the environment.
Fuel savings vary depending on your current style of driving. Average savings of around 10-20% can be achieved with previously low efficiency drivers saving up to 35%.

A family car averaging 12000 miles a year could be saving in the region of £360 per year.


Full day – 2:1 ratio

Full day – 1:1 ratio (two half-day sessions)

Location - Training can be undertaken at customers’ premises or at a mutually
agreed location.

Additional information
The course runs on a 2:1 delegate to trainer ratio (delegate ratios may vary depending on vehicle type).

Have a look at the Slide show and see what savings you could make!

We all like to think we are good drivers. But are you smart as well?

By making some simple changes to the way you drive, you could reduce the fuel you use and also save money.